bit bit blocks


It's time for a frantic brick war!



bit bit blocks is an excellent puzzle game where players take on creating cubes using different color blocks. Upon building these cubes, you'll be able to slam them into your opponent who'll be on the opposite side of your screen rushing to crush you too.

One of the best parts about bit bit blocks is that it's thought out to be played with a friend on a single device. Although, if you prefer, you can also play on your own against an AI bot. Or, you can also play in an endless survival mode where colored bricks fall non-stop.

No matter how you choose to play this game, in bit bit blocks gameplay is essentially always the same: move colored bricks in order to build up squares or rectangles of the same color. Once you've put together a uniformly colored block, you'll be able to smash it into your opponent fumbling up their game.

bit bit blocks is an original and fun puzzle game that's especially entertaining when you're playing against another player. Although, honestly it's great by yourself too, particularly when playing in survival mode.